Frisco Tattoo of Northwest Arkansas

Located in historic Downtown Rogers, Arkansas, Frisco Tattoo of Northwest Arkansas (NWA) is open and ready to create your next body art masterpiece – from black and grey and delicate line work to full color or realistic tattoos.

We can be found in the Art Deco style “Alexander Building” in downtown Rogers. Frisco Tattoo has embraced the open space and clean lines of the historic 1940’s building, adding minimal interior design elements coupled with subtle nods to the history of Rogers. We’re on the corner of Second and Elm St.


118 West Elm St.
Rogers, Arkansas 72756

479 278 2788


12 pm



All tattoo quotes are to be done in person at 118 West Elm St., Rogers, Arkansas. We will not give quotes over text or social media DM’s.

You can also contact the artists directly via email or DM to schedule an appointment:

Anibal  |  August  |  AutumnBeckett  |  Carmen  
Gordo  |  Hayden  |  Lauren  |   Jules  |  Justin | Will

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Kevin Davies

Will West


Mr. West has been a tattoo artist here in NWA for 4 years. Will has a maestros touch and a huge bag of tricks and we can’t wait for him to continue building his client base with us here at Frisco Tattoo. Will is yet to find a style he can’t master and has already shown numerous clients his phenomenal tattooing skills. We’re happy to have him and look forward to hearing his name mentioned among the top artists in NWA.

Instagram: @wildwillwest

Lauren Adkins

Lauren Adkins


Lauren moved from Lexington, Kentucky to Northwest Arkansas in 2022 to be closer to her family. After a few years of working in environmental protection, she took this move as an opportunity to change careers and pursue her longtime dream of tattooing. Lauren loves all styles of tattoos, but her favorites are bold, traditional, and vintage-inspired.

Favorite breakfast: veggie omelette

Currently listening to: Paranoid Android – Radiohead

Instagram: @laurenadkinstattoo

August Alan

August Alan


August has been tattooing for three years. Other than his five year stage at a desk job, art has been August’s life. August has a background in Graphic Design and Illustration, but found the corporate route of art wasn’t for him. His passion is in helping people achieve their vision for their tattoo. He loves trying every style and is always down for a challenge. His bread and butter is anything humorous, colorful, lettering, or fine line – he loves it all.

Breakfast solid: Two over medium eggs with four slices of toast
Breakfast Liquid: Nambarie black tea with milk and sugar
Currently listening to: “My Way” by Frank Sinatra
Instagram: @tatdaddyaugust

Julia Williams

Beckett Byers


Beckett has been tattooing for two years with seven years of experience in the industry. He focuses on merging traditional techniques and imagery with death metal and psychedelic imagery, but is happy to experiment.

Favorite Breakfast: Chocolate Chip Pancakes
Coffee: ALWAYS
Currently listening to: The Bad Friends Podcast with Bobby Lee and Andrew Santino and an album that’s been on repeat for me is Feel It All Around by Soul Blind


Julia Williams

Hayden Hess IV


Hayden is a local, born and raised NWA native. He’s a self-taught artist who has made a name for himself painting murals, doing custom designs, original paintings and drawings. Hayden has taken his 15+ years of experience and brought it to the tattoo industry. While his own style boarders heavy shading, depth, and colorful surrealistic landscapes, he also excels at realism, abstract, and any style he wishes to achieve. When he isn’t tattooing or painting, he spends his time in the great outdoors where he finds his inspirations. Hayden has a passion for travel. He has murals worldwide and has travelled to four continents outside the USA. He has ridden his bicycle from the west coast to the east coast in North America and has hiked part of the Te Araroa in the South Island of New Zealand for 30 consecutive days. He continues to seek out adventures both on foot and on two wheels.

Book with him today and get an original custom piece of artwork for yourself.

What he’s learned from his travels is instead of asking yourself what could go wrong, start asking yourself what could go right!

Instagram: @haydenhessiv

Julia Williams

Julia Williams

Artist & Cofounder

Jules quit her 9 – 5 corporate job to learn to tattoo. She was literally running a litigation & special projects division for a local law firm when she and her husband, Justin, decided that it was time to give tattooing a try. Julia had spent the previous 5 years learning the finer aspects of sketching, and acrylic/oil painting in the home art studio she and Justin shared in Rogers, Arkansas. Jules has picked up tattooing about the same as she’s picked up everything else she tries – very, very quickly. Jules is already building a loyal client base due to her gentle approach, flawless client communication, and impeccable hand skills.

Breakfast solid: Eggs Benedict or Blueberry Pancakes
Breakfast Liquid: Iced Coffee from Java Dude’s
Currently listening to: Fever Ray / Tycho

Instagram: @julestattoosnwa

Justin Williams

Justin Williams

Artist & Cofounder

Justin attended Oklahoma State University where he studied graphic design and illustration. Justin came back to Northwest Arkansas in 1998 where he was the co-founder of the multimedia design firm, Pixelbenders. Justin has since been involved in the local art scene as the founder and President/Chairman of the Board of both the NWA Art Directors Club (2003 – 2009) and the Artists of Northwest Arkansas. When Justin isn’t tattooing, he still serves as a branding and marketing consultant for a variety of businesses in and around NWA.

Breakfast solid: Chicken Fried Steak w/ eggs over medium
Breakfast Liquid: Spicy Bloody Mary
Currently listening to: Rush’s “Exit Stage Left” & TV Preacher

Instagram: @justindelaneywilliamsart

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